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3 Ways We Are Bringing in 2019!

Business Updates, Word of the Year and the Government

In his published article today, Bill Marler just reminded me that we're in the middle of a government shutdown and that means that all of the government websites are down. And yet, that doesn't mean that the food safety processes can stop. Bacteria don't take vacation and cows don't stop producing milk just because people aren't working.

So I figured I'd share what we're up to at Safe Food En Route, LLC.

1. Ketchup - er Catch Up. Yes - we all come back from the holidays and play the game. We get unburied from the work that piled while you took a much needed break from the work and spent time with family and friends. This actually is a little foreign to me as I used to work a lot in the holidays. I liked the quiet time and the ability to clean up files and folders and make room for new stuff. I liked that everyone else was away from the office and that I'd have time alone. But over time, I realized that I needed to be home as well. So this year, I took time off deliberately. It was nice and comforting to spend that time away. I am coming back to the computer now refreshed and ready to start off 2019.

2. Word of the Year: Apparently it's a thing now to pick a word of the year. I already was in the process of defining my word of the year, so I almost felt like everyone on social media was stealing my idea. But that is what I am doing - this year's word of the year for me is EASY. My goal is to make it easy - no matter what it is. I am asking myself "Is it Easy?" before engaging in a task. If it's not, then I'm going to pause before making the decision final. And I will be doing that with my business as well. Now easy does not always mean cheap, but it does mean easy. I want that for my customers and for myself, so that we can be efficient and effective.

3. Announcing Strategic US Country Partnership with Primority, LTD: Once I transitioned my client data into the 3iVerify tool, I started seeing a HUGE benefit to the software tool for not just my business, but others as well. And so, Safe Food En Route, LLC has taken on a larger capacity partnership with Primority, LTD to offer this solution to other consultants, importers and manufacturers alike in the U.S. This tool definitely has EVERYTHING I was looking for in a tool for managing Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) Rule in my business including EASY, centralized data management, automation and managing suppliers in half the clicks as other software that I had seen. Plus, it gives me the opportunity to stick to a low cost solution for my clients. It was a no-brainer to start working together at a higher capacity. So, if you're in the market for a tool OR someone that will help you manage food safety digitalization, LET US KNOW!

And so it begins..... Let's ROCK 2019 Together!

Happy New Year!

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