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Food Safety starts with Basics

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As I get more involved with the GFBI (Global Food Blockchain Initiative), the more conversations I have about paperwork trails and going digital. While going digital is extremely important to be prepared for the blockchain changes that are bound to hit the industry, there are still some basics that need to be covered.

The confusion is the way the articles are being presented - Blockchain will not solve for food safety. Blockchain is a technology software solution to provide a ledger of documents via permission based blockchain participants. Key words - ledger of documents; participants. If your company does not subscribe to whatever software solution that is developed, then your company will not be providing the documents to this chain of custody of documents.

Another keyword that needs to be called out - these are documents. But what if you are just now starting out? Do you even have the documents needed to prove food safety to downstream customers? Probably not. Smaller companies are still trying to figure out what end is up and basically ONLY know how to produce a product. They don't realize they need to record food safety related information - they often do not even know what the food safety related information that is necessary to record is.

Basics include things like sanitation records, allergen control methods and records, vendor management and raw materials, processing controls, GMP training and records, preventative maintenance records, etc. And don't forget having a compliant label that still markets what you are trying to communicate to your consumer. It is very confusing to get started and know exactly what is needed.

If you want to get involved in the conversations on Blockchain, please join our LinkedIN Group for small and medium sized businesses that are involved in the food supply chain.

And if you need more help with your food safety programs and need an affordable consultant, contact us!

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Jennifer Crandall


Safe Food En Route, LLC


US Co-Founder

Global Food Blockchain Initiative



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