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New point of view (Well - maybe new to the non-food scientist)

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This week, two of my friends on Social Media posted that their child at dog food and felt they were alone in this. When I searched it, several people came up saying it in my friends lists only. As parents, you might think that this is abnormal, but we in the food industry recognize that it happens all the time. And when I say all the time, I MEAN ALL THE TIME.

Yes, your pets can endure quite a bit more gut wrenching problems than we mere humans can, but that doesn't mean that the FDA doesn't think that we need to protect our animals and indirectly, you as well. The reason - YOUR CHILDREN. Even some adults have been known in desperate times to eat dog food because it was cheaper than human food. Also, don't forget that there have been major issues in our pet food industry that included melamine in gravy pouches of soft foods. That happened back in 2009 and the people in the food industry at that time will never forget it. (Here's the article if you need a refresher.)

These types of concerns are exactly why the new Food Safety Modernization Act published a rule related to the pet food and animal feed industries called Preventive Controls for Animal Feed. The Preventive Controls have various science based risk assessments required by the manufacturers to help reduce any concerns that might be in the food.

Though disgusting, you can actually sit back and laugh a little about your toddlers getting into the food. It's probably going to be just fine. So go ahead - take a picture to embarrass them in front of their Prom Date in a few years. :)

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