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Did you miss the event on March 6th?

· Consulting,FSVP,FSMA,Food Safety

March was a very busy month. It kicked off with a conference that was hosted by Primority LTD, Focuss Group (another FSVP consultancy in the New Jersey area), Benjamin L. England & Associates (a Baltimore based law firm focused on FDA laws) and Norman Janson Associates (a New York C-TPAT focused business now also offering FSVP services).

If you planned to attend and was not able to get there, here is what you missed! While you're on that website, check out my technology partner's website to learn more about the 3iVerify software we offer together as a solution!

Stay tuned here - there will be a lot more available in the future through Safe Food En Route, LLC and Primority LTD!

Until next time, I'll be over here doing my thing and making waves in the food safety industry.....

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