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The future is digital.

You're just now starting up and have a lot of expenses. It's easy to invest in equipment and slowly add to a team, but it's difficult to invest in record keeping other than picking up some paper.

Trust me, digital is your key to set you apart from the rest. You need paperwork along the entire process and you need to start recording all of your records in a digital method. The reason: blockchain technology. Many companies are already embracing this technology and it's good to get ahead of it because it will be required when you're ready to move into the big customer territory.

Each production run, you should document everything that you can from start to finish. That includes the ingredients, the lot numbers, the date received, the receiver name, the amount of ingredients that were staged, who staged them, who processed them, the date they processed them, if there are hazards associated with the finished product, document how the hazards were controlled them, etc.

You have some options in how you manage this documentation. You can take pictures of these records, then store those on a drive that is backed up associated with the date of production or date of shipment. OR, you could create the forms digitally, then fill them out each run as you go with password protected fields for initials or some type of digital signature. OR, you can invest in expensive software to manage this. Regardless how you manage it, be sure to jump on the digital wagon asap.

It will be one more way that you can manage and track data. Not to mention, this will help with mock recall and actual recall activities and traceability immediately. The more that is digitalized and put into electronic forms, the more searchable it is online rather than manually. Then, when blockchain comes to you, you'll be ready to start using their developed technology to serve multiple customers and you can focus on making your product.

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