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Safe Food En Route, LLC continues to evolve

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Lately, Safe Food En Route, LLC has been growing in exponential ways (kind of like bacteria in a happy place). We have been partnering up with different company types and hiring contractors and working on new developments to assist the best we can with FSVP services. Although we are dabbling with other types of services as well, we are eager to keep this company focused on the latest FDA FSVP Regulations.

Saying that, you're probably wondering what all is new and what are we doing. Let's start with Partnerships:

  • Primority and Safe Food En Route, LLC have partnered up to offer the complete package of FSVP compliance using an intuitive software tool that is designed with the small and medium sized companies in mind!  Partnering with Primority is also a brilliant move because it sets you and Safe Food En Route, LLC up for the most up-to-date developments with the Blockchain in the Food Industry. (See below about that). 
  • Primority and Safe Food En Route, LLC are also partnering up and leading efforts for the Global Food Blockchain Initiative with the goal to produce a white paper that will be a peer-reviewed document discussing a proposed standardization of the blockchain platform as it is being developed. 
  • Safe Food En Route, LLC is working on the addition of translation services for the technical documents that must be provided to the US FDA in English in the event of an investigation. This is still a development, but we are gathering information to be able to provide this to you in the several languages across the globe (Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Cantonese, and Mandarin). If there is another one you are looking for, please do not hesitate to ask and we'll see if we can accommodate. 
  • Safe Food En Route, LLC is now a certified Gluten-Free Certification Program Consultant. This program is endorsed by Beyond Celiac and The Canadian Celiac Association and is the ONLY certifying agency that mandates a proactive, risk-based management system to control gluten in foods instead of just a testing program. This sets the certification apart because of proactive systems are similar to the concept of HACCP, of the new FSMA regulations for Preventive Controls and similar to the requirements of a GFSI benchmarked audit scheme. 
  • Jennifer is starting to also pick up speaking engagements and lectures for universities. If you need a speaker on the topic of food safety industry trends and/or the blockchain development, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! 
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