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It's Not Hard

· Consulting,Food Safety

Sometimes, I sit back and wonder if people really want things. It really becomes obvious when I talk to people and they tell me how bold I am for starting my own company. So, I’ll give you one secret – I’m professional and it’s not that hard.

I know you know what I mean, but does everyone? I ask because how many times have you wondered this yourself? Does this company really want my business? Do they really care about me? Does this candidate really want the job? It's hard to say because they don't act like it.

So here a few things that I think sets a professional apart from the others.

  1. Courteous and timely responses to people’s inquiries. I respond to almost every email and phone call within a few hours.  I didn't know until I changed roles and became an internal customer that I was rare in doing this. I do it because I don’t want to forget to respond and because it's not too difficult to answer most questions asked.  It’s a golden rule thing for me – treat others the way I want to be treated. When I send an email, though I understand they’re busy, my hope is that they will respond quickly because I need to keep moving to the next thing.
  2. Say Thank You. This is basic and it surprises me how many people do not say thank you. When you interview, send a note IMMEDIATELY. It can be via email, but in writing is even better. It is SHOCKING how many people do not do this simple task. Do you want the job or not? Do you want the business or not?
  3. Follow Up. There is a secret to inquiring when you don’t hear anything. It reminds people that you’re there and that you haven’t forgotten about them. It also reminds them if they have accidentally been distracted. But this also shows assertiveness and that you want the job or the business. I hire contractors and if they do not respond timely, then I know they aren’t serious about the job and that they probably don’t care one way or another if they get it.
  4. Work Hard and Produce Quality work. You can’t just be timely and follow up and courteous. You  must do the work as well. If you provide a service, like me, then you give quality service. If you are a manager, you manage well and lead people like you want to be led. If you are an administrative professional, provide the administrative work better than the company has ever seen.  
  5. Respond Regardless. Do not leave people in silence if you have bad news. I have been on the receiving end of this one several times through interviews, through selling products and through this business as well selling services.  People appreciate when they are not left in silence for a long period of time and know where you stand – either way. It’s just business and it’s not a bad thing to say no.

So there you have it – some basics. I know it’s not food safety related, but it’s still something that matters to me and how I managed to get to where I am – owning a Food Safety Business.

If you’re watching, know that you’ll get that type of service from me and my team – I screen for promptly responses in my contractors as well – it’s important to me and is in my core.

My intention for this blog is to educate people on food safety, how to land the big retail giants and provide some value that might help you in your career and your business. If that is what you get out of it, please add your email below and click the subscribe button.

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