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It has been a very busy time with Safe Food En Route, LLC. We've been gaining momentum with new clients and developing partnerships. There is a lot happening and much more to come with this company. What's more exciting than all of that is that we paid ourselves for the first time yesterday!

So what's in store for our future? The story is still developing, but we've expanded services and continue to update what we can and cannot do. Here is the summary of services that we offer right now:

  • Help with Retail or Manufacturing Vendor Management Programs
  • In-house Food Safety Related Training
  • Retail Vendor Management Training
  • Risk Management Monitoring Services
  • Label Assistance
  • Prep for 3rd party food safety audits
  • Answer questions related to FDA FSMA Preventive Controls, Foreign Supplier Verification
  • FSVP Importer of Record Services
  • Speaker
We'll keep posting the evolution here. Just follow along.

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