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Staring down a food safety gun's barrel?  

Be Like A Trained GunSlinger of Food Safety

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Has your food supplying company been in a situation where you were staring down the barrel of a gun? What do gunslingers do when they are staring down a barrel? Some panic or cry (because they get caught with their pants down). Others face the music and take a bullet, while others run away trying to avoid the direct hit. But if they are trained and prepared appropriately, they will draw their own gun and fight!

In the event of a foodborne illness outbreak, suppliers of the products face similar emotions and reactions. They actually go through grief stages as an organization - shock, denial, anger, and sadness. And just like the trained gunslinger, simple proactive steps could be taken to minimize the risks of problems in general.


Of course, the goal is not to experience a food safety incident in the facility, but that is not realistic because food companies cannot control every situation. What is controllable is their ability to have systems and processes in place to minimize risk. Basic HACCP (Hazard analysis of critical control point) principles include conducting a hazard analysis of the raw materials and a risk assessment of the process flow to determine the best method to control the identified hazard(s). HACCP reviews physical, chemical and microbial hazards throughout the product lifecycle and helps the facility identify the last point at which the hazard can be controlled and/or minimized before getting to the consumer. HACCP also covers setting critical limits and defining corrective actions when there are deviations.

There is a systematic approach to this process. Just like gunslinger training, it takes time and resources and commitment. And taking the time and dedicated resources are also basic foundational requirements for GFSI benchmarked audit requirements which are internationally recognized standards by the food industry.


Bottom line, facing a gun sucks. You never want to face a gun. But if you ever must face one, you better be trained because your chances for survival are increased significantly.

What types of training do you need?
To start, a HACCP TRAINING and Safe Food En Route, LLC has partnered up with the Midwest Culinary Institute to offer a great HACCP Course in the Cincinnati area on May 16th and 17th, 2019. Our trainer is a certified trainer, Stephen Hufford, has over 30 years of experience in the food industry and is certified under he International HACCP Alliance. Stephen will take the attendees through a 2 day certified course training using real-life examples and after passing an exam, will issue a certificate indicating they've received training.

You have 2.5 days left to register as of the timing of this blog.


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