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Week 1 - First Apology

One week under my belt

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The first week owning and operating my own business (Safe Food En Route, LLC) was very insightful. There was a lot of work done to streamline processes to make the best customer experience possible and to assist with communications. While this process development was using a lot of my time, most of my brain power was directed at trying to get new prospects, which resulted in several calls.

While on those calls, I learned there is a big need for food safety consulting with the smaller sized manufacturing companies. I should have realized it after 12 years of managing vendor compliance, but I didn't fully understand it until having a few conversations outside of my corporate job. And for that I owe you an apology. I could have entered the market earlier and I'm kicking myself that I didn't. I did not realize how much you needed someone like me and I didn't realize the knowledge that I carry every day was something that you would find as useful as you do.

That's the thing. People in Corporate America get lost in the shuffle, trying to find value within the positions they're in and they don't realize the skills they have acquired through the years and how valuable those skills could be outside of the company. Something that becomes a daily conversation and activity is now a valuable resource. The problem is that when you're in corporate, you don't have time to help. There are so many things to do in that environment and you just don't have time.

Vendors are so gracious and patient when they are dealing with corporate employees - YOU GET IT. I didn't and I am sorry. And I didn't realize that the time that I gave you was more than what normal people in that environment take the time to give. I have offered my knowledge a few times in the past 12 years, but now I'm 100% dedicated to offering my knowledge to you. I hope that you can forgive me for my lack of understanding and if you need anything, click the link below, fill out the form for an initial FREE assessment.

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