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Small & Medium Businesses Gaining Steam in #blockchain discussions

Recently I was asked by James Flynn, the Founder of Primority and 3iVerify, to join the forces as the US Co-Founder of Global Food Blockchain Initiative. Larger companies, such as Walmart and Kroger have already joined efforts with IBM as part of a project; however there are not many small and medium sized businesses invited to that table. In efforts to try to make sure these companies are heard and to identify ways to standardize the development of the blockchain for the food industry, the Global Food Blockchain Initiative was founded. You are invited to join the conversations as well.

Click the button below to ask to join the group. We need anyone that touches the supply chain of foods including software design, packaging, ingredients, farmers, industry associations, manufacturers, sanitation companies, laboratories, and more. The goal will be to standardize as much as we can. So, come on - join me.

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