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Blog categorized as April 2018

Services Evolving

By Megan

It has been a very busy time with Safe Food En Route, LLC. We've been gaining momentum with new clients and developing partnerships. There is a lot happening and much more to come with this company. What's more exciting than all of that is that we paid ourselves for the first time yesterday!

So what'...

26.04.18 11:07 PM - Comment(s)

Week 2 - You're teaching me!

By Megan

To sum up week 2, I would say that it has taught me that there is a tremendous need in the food industry for reasonable priced food safety consulting and services. After an hour conversation with a colleague, I realized that some of the pricing structures for retainer fees for large consulting firms...

14.04.18 11:09 PM - Comment(s)

Week 1 - First Apology

By Megan

The first week owning and operating my own business (Safe Food En Route, LLC) was very insightful. There was a lot of work done to streamline processes to make the best customer experience possible and to assist with communications. While this process development was using a lot of my time, most of ...

10.04.18 11:11 PM - Comment(s)

Time to Make the Donuts

By Megan

First Day of Work

You might be wondering what we do here at Safe Food En Route, LLC? Today marks the official date that I am working on my own in 20 years of being in the food industry. Sixteen of those 20 years have been with 2 different large US retailers. And the past couple of years, I have been ...

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