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By Megan

This week, two of my friends on Social Media posted that their child at dog food and felt they were alone in this. When I searched it, several people came up saying it in my friends lists only. As parents, you might think that this is abnormal, but we in the food industry recognize that it happens a...

29.06.18 10:51 PM - Comment(s)

Food Safety Management

By Megan

Whether you have a food safety trained professional on staff in the United States or not, your customers and the law both require that you know what you are doing. And we know that in smaller companies, everyone has a shared part to the quality and safety of the product. Everyone is contributing in ...

19.06.18 10:55 PM - Comment(s)

Missed Deadline - VQIP

By Megan

Importers bringing product into the United States had until May 31st this year to apply for the VQIP (Voluntary Qualified Importer Program).

According to the FDA website, "the VQIP program is a voluntary fee-based program that provides expedited review and import entry of human and ani...

04.06.18 10:57 PM - Comment(s)