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Blog categorized as May 2018

Can we eat Romaine lettuce yet?

By Megan

Did you notice that all of the sudden, all of the E. Coli Romaine lettuce outbreak news is over? I was talking to one of my colleagues yesterday who is part of a recall team at a major retailer and asked if the recall portion was over and they agreed it was at this point.... so the news has stopped ...

23.05.18 10:59 PM - Comment(s)

The Mission: EDUCATION

By Megan

At this stage of the game, I realize I do not know much about being an entrepreneur. And I am okay with that because I am constantly feeding my mind and working on improving what this Safe Food En Route, LLC brand means to the world; what it means to me. And so I find myself drawn to people like Sim...

14.05.18 11:01 PM - Comment(s)

For the Love of Dogs

By Megan

Who doesn't love dog kisses? Well, yeah, not everyone does, I suppose, but you cannot deny that pet owners have a special bond with their fur-baby children. I have been discovering how my fur-babies are destroying my couch, but that is another topic for another day.

I realized that many conversations...

09.05.18 11:02 PM - Comment(s)

Why did I do it?

By Megan

I have encountered so many people that have asked why did I leave my corporate job. (And several also asked if I was hiring). There were many personal reasons, but I think it all boiled down to ONE reason. I realized that I could not make the difference that I wanted to make any more&...

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