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FSMA, FSVP and Boats

By Megan

My first-time operating a boat was about 10 years ago while visiting a small island in the Gulf of Mexico. My husband had previously worked in the boating industry and understood the basics. I had no real knowledge of how to operate a boat; I didn’t know basic terminology nor have any instincts arou...

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Staring down a food safety gun's barrel?

By Megan


Has your food supplying company been in a situation where you were staring down the barrel of a gun? What do gunslingers do when they are staring down a barrel? Some panic or cry (because they get caught with their pants down). Others face the music and take a bullet, while ot...

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By Megan

March was a very busy month. It kicked off with a conference that was hosted by Primority LTD, Focuss Group (another FSVP consultancy in the New Jersey area), Benjamin L. England & Associates (a Baltimore based law firm focused on FDA laws) and Norman Janson Associates (...

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By Megan

Hi I'm #JentheFoodScientist. I'm JUST a food scientist. I am not a marketer. But I must have done something right as my recent anniversary post went viral. I have no idea how really - I was just being me. I posted this post on LinkedIn and somehow it has started a life of its own.

So w...

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Blockchain Does Not Equal Food Safety

By Megan


For a few years, companies like IBM and Walmart have taken extreme efforts to solve a problem - quicker recall execution. Why is this so beneficial*? Well, bottom line, blockchain platforms have the capability of identifying the source of a food that is being sold on to consumers fa...

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