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11.04.19 10:19 PM Comment(s) By Megan

How did that happen?

Hi I'm #JentheFoodScientist. I'm JUST a food scientist. I am not a marketer. But I must have done something right as my recent anniversary post went viral. I have no idea how really - I was just being me. I posted this post on LinkedIn and somehow it has started a life of its own.

So what did we do right? Are you a social media expert? You tell me!

  • I posted a picture of me from my last day at my corporate job and 1 year later as an entrepreneur.
  • I commented about the differences of the two careers. 
  • I had a call to action to those that might be interested in joining me in this network of building a new career. 
That's it! And it has had over 20,000 views! Most of my posts average 100-700 views. Occasionally I'll get 4000 views on a very personal post. So, I have at least found that when I'm being me on LinkedIn, people like that. What else is it?

And I probably should catch you up to speed on what is going on here at Safe Food En Route, LLC and why I haven't been blogging as much. From February 28th on, I was traveling 4 of the 5 weeks of the month. It was hectic! One of those events was assisting my technology partner, Primority, LTD, and a Managed Service Provider of his network, Focuss Group, with a conference. If you would like to watch some of that conference, here are 3 videos that we recorded of the speakers. It was a well-attended event that gave the attendees a lot of information regarding the requirements for Foreign Supplier Verification Program Rule and why you need a software solution that could provide you with the means to manage the programs.

There is so much more happening behind the scenes, but some is confidential information and some is too much to say in a blog.

Back to my viral post though, if you are interested in joining a network of PCQIs and have that type of background OR a product development and quality background in the food industry, send me a note at and I will tell you more details!




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