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29.10.19 10:08 PM Comment(s) By Megan

How to have success with Safe Food En Route, LLC Food Safety Consulting

After working with several clients for the past 19 months, I have made a simple, yet important, observation of what is working and what is not working.

First, I absolutely adore my clients. I have great relationship with everyone and am super happy with our relationships and how we maneuver the food safety world together. Each company provides valuable lessons to improve and strengthen Safe Food En Route, LLC programs. I also have great relationships with my subcontractor team as well. The business model continues to refine itself through the growth of the company and it is exciting to see it all unfold.

Safe Food En Route, LLC typically works with clients by offering FSVP (Foreign Supplier Verification Program) Rule verification services or Supplier Compliance Management services. Both have similar programs with us where we ask for some information, review it and provide feedback to our clients whether it meets US Law or company policy requirements.

The obstacle is getting the information in a timely manner. This is where the software, 3iVerify, comes in. Safe Food En Route, LLC uses this software with most clients that need the type of supplier compliance management. While it automates the process significantly, there is still a trick to making it work to the best advantage possible and that is through ACCOUNTABILITY.


In my experience, the KEY to SUCCESS is ACCOUNTABILITY where there is constant communication and transparency between all parties in the process. If that is not there and evident, then most likely there will be a failure in the process and the FSVP requirements will not be met. The responsibility of the communication and transparency falls on everyone involved. The importer/client must be transparent and communicate with their foreign supplier. The foreign supplier must respond and communicate with transparency to requests from Safe Food En Route, LLC and Safe Food En Route, LLC must communicate with transparency to the client if there are any concerns in this process. If any of the 3 fail, the entire system fails.....

If this resonates with you and you need help in your FSVP, FSMA plan, Supplier Compliance Management programs and/or Food Safety Programs, click this button and request a 30-45 minute FREE consult!


Until next time, we will continue strengthening our management process to make your lives easier with FSVP compliance!

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