Safe Food En Route, LLC
Safe Food En Route, LLC
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Most companies contact us for help with their FSVP (Foreign Supplier Verification Program) plans, but what they don't always see is that we are doing so much for them! Our goal is to give you what the big companies have - a full blown food safety team advocating for YOU and YOUR company to your supply chain demanding the requirements that your customers want out of them.

The Safe Food En Route team is a team of independent contractors that work together to educate and improve the food and dietary supplement supply chain by assisting small and medium sized companies with meeting the new FSMA regulatory requirements.

We believe our 3-step approach to these programs sets us apart from the rest!

  1. SUPPLIER MANAGEMENTOur mission is to educate and empower small and medium sized food related companies by improving food safety and sustainability in the food and dietary supplement supply chain. We “Stay Small and Grow Big” by providing personalized consulting to each client and then enhancing their programs with software solutions and expertise.
  1. AUTOMATION. We believe utilizing technology makes the best sense to manage our food safety and quality programs. We are using software systems that help us automate the process and gives permission-based access to all required parties while allowing our internal teams to review and approve programs per our policy and FSMA regulation requirements. With cloud-based storage, we can access this information globally whenever needed and work together through virtual and sustainable methods while giving high priority to our program.
  1. PEOPLE. Jennifer founded Safe Food En Route, LLC in 2018 after spending 20 years in the food industry in manufacturing facilities and the last 12 years of her career at one of the largest grocery retailers in the world in their corporate food technology and sourcing departments. She founded the company with the intent to assist companies with FSVP compliance. However, after she left corporate, the mission shifted to providing larger scale food safety and quality programs to small and medium sized food and dietary supplement companies.

We believe it “Takes a Village” to review programs. Our team of independent subcontractors includes professional food scientists and experts in quality assurance and regulations. Our team of experts have well over 100 years of experience in the quality assurance and food safety industry and is grounded in food safety, microbiology, environmental health and FDA regulations along with product development and quality assurance experience.

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