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By Megan

Early in 2019, I traveled to New Jersey to attend a conference that was specifically conducted to inform the area importers of how the FSVP law was going into effect and what they needed to do to meet the regulation requirements. One of my co-speakers was John Johnson III, now of Counsel at Shook, H...

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By Megan

Hi I'm #JentheFoodScientist. I'm JUST a food scientist. I am not a marketer. But I must have done something right as my recent anniversary post went viral. I have no idea how really - I was just being me. I posted this post on LinkedIn and somehow it has started a life of its own.

So w...

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By Megan

The biggest reason I left my job and founded Safe Food En Route, LLC was because I had several conversations with US importers unprepared for the new FSVP requirements. The definition of importer is probably one of the biggest reasons that companies get confused, but below includ...

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Missed Deadline - VQIP

By Megan

Importers bringing product into the United States had until May 31st this year to apply for the VQIP (Voluntary Qualified Importer Program).

According to the FDA website, "the VQIP program is a voluntary fee-based program that provides expedited review and import entry of human and ani...

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Why did I do it?

By Megan

I have encountered so many people that have asked why did I leave my corporate job. (And several also asked if I was hiring). There were many personal reasons, but I think it all boiled down to ONE reason. I realized that I could not make the difference that I wanted to make any more&...

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