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Safe Food En Route, LLC
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  • Safe Food En Route, LLC (SFER, LLC) is quickly becoming the sought after food safety solution for companies that are growing and finding their way into the larger retail and wholesale programs. SFER has a unique blend of people and automation that gives you the Food Safety Confidence you need to feel fully supported in your growth.


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About Us

Regulatory, Food Safety, Quality Assurance


Your Quality Assurance and Food Safety Regulatory Compliance Solution



Jennifer Crandall founded Safe Food En Route, LLC with over 20 years of experience in the food industry including over half of that at one of the largest grocery retailers in the world. With a Bachelor's Degree from Purdue University in Food Science, Jennifer is a uniquely qualified by having both formal food safety training and production and business background as well while fulfilling various roles throughout her career. She also is certified with many food safety programs including, but not limited to, PCQI, FSVP, Produce Safety Rule, SQF Practitioner, Gluten Free Certification Program and several more.

She most recently was featured in Food Safety Tech and is currently serving as an Independent Board Member for Land Betterment Corporation. Jennifer uses her position to connect to clients and food safety professionals to help make corporate level food safety programs accessible to everyone in the food industry!



Jennifer has over 20 years experience in the food safety with over half of that time at one of the largest grocery retailers in the world. During that time, she also had 3 years of sourcing experience and comprehends the global supply chain. As part of her many positions, Jennifer was required to manage large volumes of suppliers requiring them to meet private label food safety and quality program standards. Because of this, Jennifer has chosen to strategically partner with software providers that provides a software solution to both manage vendors and meet the FSVP regulation requirements for our clients. By subscribing to this software solution, both Safe Food En Route, LLC and their clients will be Blockchain ready as the industry shifts into this new transparent, authentic and audited data management method.



We also have a passion for environmentally friendly programs. Digital is the future and our team works virtually unless it is absolutely necessary to visit the supplier site. We believe that reviewing the paperwork that already exists in electronic format is the most sustainable position we can take and remove cars off the road and people away from planes. We also believe that printing documents is a waste of paper and thus, killing trees unnecessarily. If you hire us, you know that we are working towards being as sustainable as possible. We are working on reducing our carbon footprint everywhere we touch. It is part of our overall mission with this company and we are inspired by people like Greta Thunberg, who is willing to pressure our leaders to improve our programs.


With Jennifer leading our Food Safety Consulting and FSVP efforts, we are the perfect company to assist you with your food safety and quality programs.


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Michelle Davey has a MBA and over 20 years of experience with operating and back end systems including financial, accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable and so much more. Michelle has played a key role with a law firm to recover over $20billion in assets and now brings that wealth of experience to us! Michelle also owns Majime Consulting, LLC, which focuses on improving workflow for their clients in the form of accounts payable, accounts receivable, managing timesheets, project management and so much more.

We are proud that we have Michelle Davey working on our behalf to make sure that SFER has the right systems in place to support us both financially and operationally.

   Michelle Davey

Nancy Riley
​Project Manager Director, SFER

Nancy Riley works closely with our clients, our Senior Advisors and our ReposiTrak team to ensure that the process for managing suppliers and documents is seamless.


Nancy has a diverse experience in the areas of training & development, employee relations, and marketing. She leads our team to ensure deliverables are met in a timely manner and has the appropriate support along the way.

Hivi Yasin-Damaren
​Business Development Director, SFER

Hivi Yasin-Damaren is in charge of providing the business development of SFER and expanding Brand Awareness in the Food Industry. She provides customer service, sales and marketing for the company.

Hivi comes to us from the hospitality industry where it is so critical that the clients know they are fully supported and that the service provider has their back. Her goal with SFER is that our clients and the Senior Advisors assigned to their account have good collaboration and guide them to any resources they need to provide good services.


Larger companies typically have several people dedicated to their food safety, quality and product development teams dedicated to product categories along with several other people dedicated to the management of products being approved to sell to the end customer. Typically, they also have a robust software to assist with this process.

Use our team to get that "corporate level" food safety and regulatory assistance. We can also work with you to get quality assurance and product development tasks conducted when needed as well. And if your documents come in a different language, we are partnered up with a translator to help manage that quickly.


We also provide access to software solutions to all clients interested in a robust software solution to assist with centralized data management.


Technology is the key to automation and partnering with the right companies makes all the difference. We partner with ReposiTrak to streamline our processes. If you want to learn how we use them with our clients, contact us today!

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