• If you are looking for your solution for the new FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations....


    and specifically the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP).....

    You came to the RIGHT place!


  • Be the hero of your Import and Quality Assurance Teams by giving them a Vendor Management tool that will help them meet all their requirements for your regulatory and customer needs.

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    Benefits to Switching

    With Blockchain discussions on the rise, automation is more and more a necessity in distributing, importing and manufacturing company vendor compliance management programs!


    Proven Compliance, Fast – Risk assessments, procedures, records and approvals are in one location. Documents are approved by the right people within your organization and Safe Food En Route, LLC's oversite. Electronic documents are permission based to those that need access.


    Save Time – Configure pre-established templates that are designed by food safety compliance professionals and not IT people. All you need to do is enter information about the supplier once and send questionnaires off ! Everything is easily updated for product specs and certifications statuses and managed automatically for you. Use the dashboard to monitor key performance indicators and react in just a touch of a button.


    Change Management Made Easy – No more chasing expired certifications! Authorized users receive an alert with a link and a request to follow up automatically whether it's an annual questionnaire and updated certificate to upload. And you can PRE-POPULATE questionnaires if you have already collected most of the information this year.


    Stream Lined Communication – The app enables two-way feedback towards fast and traceable supplier approvals.


    Paperless System – You no longer need to print hundreds of documents.


    100% Audit-Ready – Your compliance can be audited in real time. You are able to respond to inquiries within hours.






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  • About Us

    Food Safety Consultant and FSVP Importer Services


    Your FDA FSVP Import Solution

    About our Founder

    Jennifer Crandall is a qualified individual trained in PCQI, FSVP, BRC Internal Auditing, SQF Practitioner and recently became Gluten-Free Certification Program Certified. She has a Bachelor's Degree from Purdue University in Food Science and over 20 years of experience in the food industry including food manufacturing and corporate quality assurance and compliance. A majority of Jennifer's career has been monitoring compliance of private label suppliers for a Fortune 25 company and one of largest grocery retailers in the world. Jennifer is also the US Co-founder of the Global Food Blockchain Initiative.


    What sets us apart from everyone else?

    Jennifer has over 20 years experience and spent 3 years vetting suppliers on a large grocery retail global sourcing team. She understands how to manage large volumes of suppliers and what the private label industry is looking for in food safety and quality programs. Because of this, Jennifer has chosen to partner with the 3iVerify software provider, Primority, that provides a software solution to both manage vendors and meet the FSVP regulation requirements for our clients. By subscribing to this software solution, both Safe Food En Route, LLC and their clients will be Blockchain ready as the industry shifts into this new transparent, authentic and audited data management method.


    With Jennifer leading our Food Safety Consulting and FSVP efforts, we are the perfect company to assist you with your food safety programs.


    For More Information:
    Safe Food En Route, LLC

    Phone: US: +1 (859) 912-2801

    Outside US: +1(502) 414-1399

    Email: admin@safefoodenroute.com




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