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By Megan

Covid-19 has us completely out of our minds right now. I've seen varying methods being used by people in my life of coping. Experts say we are grieving and I believe it! We really are - we're grieving our idea of freedom and moral code and everything else.


There are a few people I...

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Food Safety Team Working from Home?

By Megan

It might seem to be an overwhelming task to imagine what can be moved to online, but in today's circumstances with Covid19 outbreak on the rise, we are forced to take this into consideration a bit. Certain things will always be recorded in a facility and it might be difficult to transition to virtua...

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By Megan

Most companies contact us for help with their FSVP (Foreign Supplier Verification Program) plans, but what they don't always see is that we are doing so much for them! Our goal is to give you what the big companies have - a full blown food safety team advocating for YOU and YOUR company to...

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By Megan

Early in 2019, I traveled to New Jersey to attend a conference that was specifically conducted to inform the area importers of how the FSVP law was going into effect and what they needed to do to meet the regulation requirements. One of my co-speakers was John Johnson III, now of Counsel at Shook, H...

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What to Expect When Developing a HACCP Plan

By Megan

If you are developing a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) plan, it is good to go into the process with realistic expectations. Senior management must understand that it is more than a few pages of a document provided to your customers. HACCP plans are an entire food safety management p...
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